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Life & Health Ltd. is an initiative of two Bangladesh born doctors, very successful in their profession for more than three decades. Life and Health Ltd had been incorporated in 2014 with a target to promote healthy lifestyle and devoted to provide “Truly Holistic” health services for the peoples of Bangladesh. By this time Life & Health has been affiliated with Bangkok Hospital, Thailand, one of the largest hospital chains in South-east Asia and one of the most trusted and respected brand names not only in Thailand but also in the world. Life and Health Ltd has since diversified by providing services such as Emergency Air Ambulance service, Health Profile, Telemedicine and healthy commodities like ‘Carbon Green’, ‘Peachy’, 'DoiKham', Pipper, and 'Alatrex' among others.




Shaping a Better Quality of Life 


To promote development of healthy life style, prevent illnesses, and maintain up-to-date Health Profile or Medical History for regular and emergency health care

About Us Life And Health

–   Service with a heart!

–   Interactive and responsive

–   State-of-the art service

–   Round the clock (24/7) contact

– A verified database managed by Integrated CRM system with DBM, health profile, SMS, email, telemarketing

Management Team


Dr. Shakti Ranjon Paul

Managing Director

Dr. Nilanjon Sen

Deputy Managing Director

Dr. Enamul Haque

What do we do

Life & Health Ltd. is a company inspired to bring about positive changes in the life experiences among the health conscious people of Bangladesh

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